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Allenco Medical and Dental Supplies CC is an importer and distributor of a vast range of medical consumables and equipment. Our clients amongst others, are government hospitals and wholesalers. We are a locally based company, with head office in Durban and an office in Cape Town. We also supply the other provinces through the RT contract. Our main focus is Critical Care, Airway Management and Anesthesia products. We gained experience in different medical fields through team work, with professionals in the medical fields. We are sole agents for different medical suppliers locally and overseas. At Allenco Medical we follow the highest principals of business ethics and have a proven record of market place honesty and integrity. We are dedicated to quality products and personalized services to the medical industry and as we continue to grow, we will continue to look for and provide innovative ways to care for those who count on us the most and for employees who can help us grow to new heights.

What we do

Ace Blades

The Precision of a Scalpel with the Power of Electrosurgery

The single, innovative instrument – combined with the ACE Mode of the Mega Power™ Generator – effectively cuts, coagulates and dissects, reducing the need to pass scalpels and conventional electrosurgical blades back and forth. ACE Blade glides through tissue and safely performs skin incisions with wound healing equivalent to a scalpel.

Mega Soft

50 Million Procedures, Zero Pad-Site Burns

Mega Soft is simply set on the operating room table, virtually eliminating the small disposable sticky pad that can damage the patient’s skin. Mega Soft can be used in a variety of surgical procedures and positions, providing a safe and easy-to-use return electrode combined with an effective O.R. table pressure reduction pad.

E-z Clean

Cost-Effective Non-Stick Electrosurgical Tips for a Variety of Surgical Procedures

E-Z Clean non-stick electrodes feature a proprietary polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating that reduces eschar buildup during surgical procedures, enabling surgeons to use lower power settings. Lower power settings mean less thermal necrosis to surrounding tissue and a further reduction in eschar buildup.

Electrosurgical Pencils

Whether you prefer a rocker switch or like to push buttons, Megadyne has the Electrosurgical Pencil for you. Plus, Megadyne’s reusable E-Z Pen™ offers surgical facilities low cost-per-procedure pricing for E-Z Clean tips.

Percutaneous dilation tracheostomy has established itself as a standard procedure in intensive medicine. The Ciaglia technique is the one most widely used. The TRACOE experc system is based on this proven method. The sets are tailored to the use of unfenestrated and fenestrated tubes as well as tubes with subglottic suction line of the product groups.

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